Boston Furnished Apartments

Frequent Questions

Do you have questions? Get the answers you need here, or contact us directly.

What is the limit for a short-term stay at Jamieson Management Company?

We have a minimum stay requirement of just four weeks.

Can I tour an apartment before I rent it?

Yes. After the initial phone or email discussion, we will schedule an appointment for you to view the apartment.

Can you give me some information about the town of Woburn?

Woburn is located just 9 miles north of Boston and Logan International Airport. It is MBTA accessible, both bus and rail, and has lots of great restaurants and open spaces to enjoy. All of our locations are close to Main Street or the Woburn Mall where you will find:

Restaurants of many styles and ethnicities (American, Italian, Brazilian, Indian and more)
Chain Restaurants
Hair and Nail Salons
Grocery Stores
Retail Clothing Stores
Home Renovation Stores
Shoe Stores

Woburn has many other places and things to do:

Horn Pond
Boys and Girls Club
The DMV is located in Wilmington, only 10 minutes north of Woburn
Bowling Alley
Churches of many faiths

What amenities are available at Jamieson Management Company locations?

Jamieson Management Company has different amenities for each location. Please click on our Amenities Page to learn more.

I work in Boston. Are Jamieson Management Company’s furnished apartments for me?

Yes! Many of our guests choose to stay with us in Woburn because our furnished apartments are more affordable and more spacious than a typical Boston offering. We are located only 9 miles from boston/Logan Airport, which is only a 20 minutes drive. Also, all of our locations are MBTA accessible, which means you don’t have to drive to Boston; you can save money and enjoy the ride.

Woburn is also located at the junction of Route 93 and Route 95. So if you need to drive to any of the surrounding areas, it is very convenient.

We have Google Maps on each of our property pages. View the Property Index Page to see a listing.

What are the benefits of renting a furnished apartment?

Furnished apartments are great for a number of reasons:

Traveling for Work – Convenience and affordability are on the minds of our guests, who stay with us while they are travelling for work. Our Guests enjoy the comforts of home without the high prices of a hotel. Plus we do NOT require our guests to sign a long-term apartment lease.
Life Transition – Some of our guests have experienced a transition in their lives, like selling a home or relocating to the area. They put their belongings in storage and they are comfortable with our furnishings while they contemplate their next step.
Snow Birds – Some of our guests live in Florida for the winter and stay with us during the summer. They do not need to hire a moving company to move all of their belongings back and forth because our furnished apartments make them feel right at home.